Scepter Military - Fuel Canisters

In the USA only available for Military or FEMA end-use

For combat units on the move, small canisters that can be carried and poured by hand and moved around a battle zone by front-line vehicles are a crucial link in the fuel and water supply network. Scepter has been building and perfecting commercial fuel cans for decades and has evolved that experience into a complete line of Military specification fuel canisters and accessories.

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Fuel depot
Soldier refueling Scepter containers

The Scepter Military Fuel Canister (MFC) was developed by Scepter to meet design and performance requirements set by the U.S. Army and Canadian Forces for leak-proof, rugged, safe, dependable and cost-effective plastic jerry canisters. Scepter has produced and delivered over one million MFCs.

Vehicle and other OEM defense contractors can design equipment with carrying fixtures and brackets that are uniformly designed because of the standardized dimensions of the fuel canisters (and the Scepter water canisters).

Fuel container strapped to military vehicle

The MFC comes in two versions that will hold 20 litres (5 gal) and 10 litre (2.5 gal.). Variations are available for gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene, and each is identifiable by uniquely coloured cap straps.

Similarly, Scepter has tailored inserts for various users allowing identification as to user and contents.

NATO Stock Numbers - or National Stock Numbers - have been given to many of the MFC variants.

Complete listings of our fuel cans and accessories can be found in our MFC Product Table and Accessories Product Table.


The Scepter Military Fuel Canisters are supplied by Scepter to military entities directly or as accessories on military vehicles and with military equipment produced and supplied by third parties.

Stringent Military specifications apply to the Scepter MFCs which in turn means that they cannot always be fully compatible with guidelines or standards that may apply in various civilian fuel can markets. As a consequence the military end-use market is the primary market for the Scepter MFCs, MFC parts and accessories. In the USA the MFC, its accessories and parts are delivered and sold only for military end-use or for end-use by FEMA or FEMA associated entity under an exemption issued by the EPA. For information on supply and support for military end-use applications please contact

The Scepter MFC is qualified and registered under the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. Its recommendations on package testing are adopted by Governmental and modal regulatory authorities around the globe in accordance with standard UN resolutions.

For example the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organization both govern packaging requirements conforming to the UN recommendations.

In Canada the ministry responsible for administering Canadian compliance with the UN resolution is Transport Canada. By extension Transport Canada administers the continued compliance and registration of a product like Scepter's MFC validating its conformance with the UN resolution.

Scepter's MFCs are registered with UN No. 3H1/Y1/200/yy/CAN/SPR2-456, which is a confirmation to any user of the Scepter MFC that they are in possession of a product that has been subjected to extensive testing and quality control, is produced to MIL-PRF-53109 specifications, and can be used with highest level of confidence.



Physical Characteristics:
Capacity, will hold: 5 G / 20 L 2.5G / 10 L


18.5"/47 cm 11.5"/29 cm


14"/35 cm 14"/35 cm


6.5"/16cm 6.5"/16 cm


5.8 lbs./2.6 kg 3.5 lbs./1.6 kg


Features of the Scepter Military Fuel Can
Flat-sided and rectangular shape Burns in a fire, but will not explode
Three integral handles; carry two cans in each hand Cap retainer straps are colour coded to type of fuel
Accepts pour spouts Fits standard pattern vehicle brackets for liquid storage containers
Air-vent tube in neck keeps pouring smooth Inside threads accept adapters for stoves and heaters
Air chamber at the top; the container will float Full line of Scepter accessories available - pour spouts, adapters, etc.
An economical and user-friendly fuel storage and transportation solution Easy-to-open twist cap can be operated while wearing environmental or NBCW protective clothing

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